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I can't say enough about the opportunity my wife and I had to work with Meg Hutchins in completely decorating our 10,000 square foot beachfront villa in Los Cabos, Mexico. This home was developed as a high-end investment grade property for rental purposes.

For 9 days, we worked non-stop with Meg in Bali and we're able to purchase all required furnishings, accessories, and art. The quality and value was amazing. Meg's design skills, contacts with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, made the process seamless. Her organization, clear accounting, and attention to detail in the shipping process, simplified everything greatly. Two large containers arrived in Los Angeles when promised, and without damage.

You can see the results of her fine work at the following links:

Meg was a pleasure to work with and is outstanding at what she does. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone without reservation. She added incredible value to our project.

Most Sincerely,
Doug Schneider

I was introduced to Meg Hutchins by the owners of the villa we rented while on holiday in Bali.

My Italian husband and I had recently finished building a beach house in Cape Town, South Africa and were wanting to buy a few things to accent our home.

One day of shopping led to another and before I knew it we had furnished the entire house. Within 2 weeks we had an incredible blend of antique primitive furnishings along with custom pieces in production and accessories including lamps, pillows and decorative items.

Meg has an incredible eye for colour and choosing one of a kind pieces along with attention to detail when it comes to manufacturing. As a woman's clothing designer and manufacturer in Cape Town, I have true appreciation for such an innate talent.The entire process initially seemed overwhelming but with Meg in charge searching out hidden treasures whilst chatting in Indonesian, everything went incredibly smoothly with regards to the shopping, designing, invoicing, packing, shipping and documentation.

The container arrived securely packed with not only everything in one piece but the custom made pieces far better than I anticipated. Each piece is a statement of the highest quality with solid construction.

I am so confident in Megs ability to do a great job that I have recommended her to all family and friends around the globe. She was incredibly easy to deal with, very knowledgeable and just an absolute pleasure to be around. I highly recommend this secret agent in Bali that we were so fortunate to meet and suggest you take advantage of her services.

Respectfully Yours,
Dana L and Maurizio Scafuro

Everything was great. Love everything. Forwarded your email to a girlfriend of mine who is a designer! My outdoor area is stunning, the furniture is beautifully made and the feeling is divine.

Hanna Skjonsby

I built my dream home overseas which was a much bigger challenge than I ever imagined. Thankfully Meg was a key player in bringing the project to completion. Originally employed as interior designer her role expanded working very closely with the architects, in particular adding a water feature and redesigning the bar. Peacemaker when required, always upbeat, patient and my most trusted member of the team....priceless as I was 2000 miles away. She kept the dream alive, the team together, motivated and energized.

Meg's work speaks for itself. Through her local contacts all furnishings and materials were purchased cost effective, delivered on time, superb quality and most impressive coming within budget. A most refreshing change from the rest! She has impeccable taste with incredible attention to detail. The villa receives endless compliments for lifestyle including furnishings, color, comfort and general flow through the entire property.

You can visit Villa Santai Sorga on our website:

Steven Cain
Principal owner/investor